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Heating units come in many shapes, sizes and models. They work differently and offer different sets of features. Two of the most widely available ones are Forced Air Furnace and Radiant Heating Unit. Here is an infographic explaining the pros and cons of these two heating units.


Forced Air Furnace vs Radiant Heating Unit: Which One to Buy?


Forced Air Furnace vs. Radiant Heating Unit
Forced Air Furnace vs. Radiant Heating Unit


4 Advantages of Radiant Heating Unit

·         Silent Operation.

·         Heat Distribution Control

·         No Drafts

·         Can Produce Hot Water


3 Disadvantages of Radiant Heating Unit

·         Only Heating

·         High Installation Costs

·         Cannot Use with Carpet & Fewer Fuel Option


3 Advantages of Forced Air Furnace

·         Both Heating & Cooling

·         Economical & Better Air Quality

·         More Fuel Options


3 Disadvantages of Forced Air Furnace

·         Noisy & Expensive

·         Some Air Duct Issues

·         Inability To Control Each Room Individually & Allergies


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