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Dry air is a serious issue during winter. It causes dry skin, damages the wooden furniture in your home, and makes everyone in your house sick. But you can solve the dry air problem by installing a humidification unit in your home. However, while installing, many homeowners and contractors make these four mistakes, which lowers the humidification system’s capability.


4 Common Home Humidification Mistakes to Avoid

1.   Installing Wrong-Sized Humidification System

Sometimes, contractors install a small or excessively larger humidification system in your place. As a result, the purpose of installing a humidifier is overlooked. While selecting the correct humidification unit size, you’ll have to consider factors such as the HVAC design, ventilation, total area of your space, insulation of your house, building materials, etc.

Probably, you already know that a bigger cooling unit is bad for your house and costs a lot. But in the case of a humidification system, it’s not the issue at all.

When you have an oversized humidification system, you won’t have to think about buying a new one while modifying your building’s structure. You may think that an oversized humidification system will use more electricity. But in reality, it doesn’t.

A humidification system consumes minimum energy to keep your space’s humidity in check. Even if you buy an oversized humidification unit, you won’t see a drastic rise in your monthly electric costs. That’s why if you have plans to modify your current home, it’s recommended that you buy a bigger humidification system for your home.

Again, while selecting the humidification unit size, you’ll have to consider the additional heating systems of your home. Because if you use both a heat pump and a furnace, your indoor air will become drier. As a result, to keep your home’s humidity in a stable position, you’ll need a powerful humidification unit.

2.   Incorrect Humidification System Installation

Now that you have bought a right-sized humidification unit, you’ll have to install it correctly to get the maximum out of the humidification system. But unfortunately, many homeowners fail to install the humidification system correctly.

A humidification system is designed to operate whenever you want. But due to a lack of experience or knowledge, many homeowners wire the humidification system with their furnace. As a result, if they have to use the humidification system, they will have to turn on the furnace first and then use it. But this kills the purpose of installing a humidification system. That’s why while installing a humidification system, you’ll have to ensure that the unit isn’t wired with your furnace.

Like most homeowners, if you have little to no experience in handling an HVAC unit or humidification system, you must call nearby heating technicians to install your humidifier.

3.   Installing the Humidifier in the Wrong Location

There is a myth that if you install your humidification system in the return area, you won’t get any result from installing a humidifier because of the furnace heat. But in reality, it isn’t the case. Because heat produced from that furnace doesn’t impact the humidifier and its capability of keeping your space’s humidity level in check.

Again, many homeowners make the mistake of installing the humidification system in a hard-to-reach area. As a result, if they have to set the humidity level, it becomes difficult for them.

4.   Selecting the Wrong Humidification System Type

There are different types of home humidification systems such as mist humidification unit, flow-through humidification system, steam humidification system, etc., available on the market. While selecting one, you’ll have to consider factors like water’s mineral content, hardness of the water, etc. But unfortunately, many homeowners buy the humidification unit that comes in cheap without checking its compatibility.

If the water hardness of your home is very high, you shouldn’t buy a spray humidification system. Because due to high mineral content, your humidification unit will be clogged quickly.

Again, if you use a heat pump unit in your house for both heating and cooling, you must buy a humidifier that can work at a low temperature.


Selecting the right humidification system may sound challenging to you. If you cannot find the right humidification system type for your space, you should contact an HVAC professional.

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See the summary of this content here in the infographic – 4 Common Home Humidification Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

4 Common Home Humidification Mistakes to Avoid
4 Common Home Humidification Mistakes to Avoid
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