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As winter has arrived, you’ll be using your heating system a lot. But due to excessive use of furnace or heating system, you’ll notice a drop in the humidity level in your space. Besides, humidity level drops drastically in winter. In this situation, a central air humidifier can be handy for you. Today, I’ll talk about three benefits of using a central air humidifier. But before that, I’ll tell you why you should invest in a central air humidifier.


Why You Should Invest in a Central Air Humidifier

During winter, dry skin, itchiness, irritated sinuses, and throats are common problems for most people. These problems occur due to low humidity. By adding a central air humidifier to your heating system, you can get rid of these problems.

Apart from these, a central air humidifier can stop the spreading of the COVID-19. According to many scientists, moisture damages the outer layer of the COVID-19. As a result, the virus becomes less effective.

As the second wave of COVID-19 is hitting the world, you need to be more cautious than ever, and a central air humidifier can work as a safeguard to protect you from the virus.

Again, the ideal humidity level of space is between 40% to 70%. If the humidity level goes below or above this range, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable. Due to the excessive use of furnace or heating system in winter, the humidity level can drop below 40%, and when it does, you’ll start to have skin related problems.

Also, lower humid places are ideal for viruses to grow and spread. If you want your family to be safe from the viruses, you should invest in a central air humidifier as soon as possible.


What is a Central Air Humidifier?

A central humidifier has a humidistat that works almost similar to an HVAC thermostat. Humidistat monitors the moisture level of your space and releases water vapor to the air accordingly. A central humidifier is connected with your heating or furnace system, HVAC ductwork, and your space’s plumbing system.

When the humidity level drops down in your space, humidistat orders the humidifier to collect water from your plumbing system, and then by using your HVAC ductwork, it spreads the water vapor in your space. Thus, the moisture level stays the same throughout the day.

One of the biggest differences between a central air humidifier and a portable humidifier is that the portable humidifier can cover one or two rooms. On the other hand, a central air humidifier can cover the whole house, and you won’t have to move your central air humidifier from one room to another.

That’s why if you have a medium or big-sized house or business space, you should consider investing in a central air humidifier rather than a portable humidifier.


Top 3 Benefits of Central Air Humidifiers

1.  Covers the Whole Indoor Space

One of the biggest benefits of a central air humidifier is that it controls your whole indoor space’s humidity level. On the other hand, a portable humidifier only controls the humidity level of a certain area of your space.

If your house is medium or big, you should buy a central air humidifier. With a central air humidifier, you can control the humidity level of your house centrally. That’s why it’s called the central air humidifier. But with a portable humidifier, you won’t be able to control your entire space’s humidity level. As a result, you’ll have to move your portable humidifier wherever you go.

Besides, a portable humidifier can create problems if you live with your family because your other family members will need a humidifier too. That’s why it’s recommended that if you live in a medium or big house with your family, you should buy a central air humidifier rather than a portable humidifier.

2.  Requires Less Maintenance

A central humidifier requires less maintenance compared to a portable humidifier. As I mentioned earlier that the central air humidifier connects with your plumbing system and collects water from there. But a portable humidifier uses a reservoir that requires regular filling.

If you’re a busy person and spend most of the time in the office then filling the reservoir every day will be a problem for you. On the other hand, a central air humidifier doesn’t require regular filling.

3.  Less Noise

A central air humidifier is less noisy, and you’ll hardly hear the sound coming from it. On the other hand, a portable humidifier is a bit noisy and can disrupt your sleep. If you like to read books in a quiet place or have a sound sleep, you should invest in a central air humidifier.


See the summary of this article here in an infographic – 3 Benefits of a Central Air Humidifier [Infographic]

3 Benefits of Central Humidifiers
3 Benefits of Central Humidifier

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