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Trane 2 – 3 Ton 30000 BTU A4MX Four Way Cased Coil A4MXB1832AC6HA is equipped with the all-aluminum Comfort™ coil that is tested and tried for reduced leaks. Its high-quality construction complements your existing home heating and cooling system components and makes them more efficient.


Trane 2 Ton – 3 Ton 36000 BTU 4TXC Cased Coil 4TXCB004DS3HCA has the all-aluminum Comfort™ coil from Trane. This cased coil unit is tried over time to ensure the least number of leaks. Apart from that, Trane’s 3 Ton 36K BTU coil is made of high-quality premium components that complement other heating and cooling system equipment.