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Remodeling your home brings in many changes to the exterior outlook of your rooms in addition to changes to the interior infrastructure. One of the more drastic changes you will have to account for is the HVAC system currently residing in your home. With all the changes to the infrastructure you will be introducing, it might be time to reassess your HVAC system, reconsider whether or not it is time to install a fresh one, or accommodate the current one.


Capacity – One the most important things to consider when getting your home renovated

Several HVAC related problems rise to the surface once you get to remodeling and renovating your home.

If you’ve extended some rooms or made changes to the spatial layout of others, you will need HVAC installation experts to reassess how well your current system and ductwork will able to support the changes to the area. For example, if a room is much bigger than it previously was, it might need additional vents supporting it so that you can get sufficient heating and cooling in the room without any jarring temperature changes.

In some cases, however, the HVAC specialist will recommend that you go ahead and purchase a new system for your home, as the current one might not be able to support the extra area in your home. This means that, even with the changes to the ventilation and ductwork, you might still have to get a brand new system for your home. Fret not, however, as getting a new system might be more beneficial in the end after all.


The advantages of a new HVAC installation bring for your remodeled home

A new system brings in several new advantages. For starters, a new HVAC system will bring in several advantages like a sophisticated drainage system, which takes care of the condensate pooling in your system and ductwork. This works as an effective measure in avoiding ending up with molds in duct. The same can be said for any modern Trane system. All of these air conditioning units will have larger capacity models that might be applicable for use in your home, given the larger rooms. Once the sizing calculation is taken care of, the air conditioning repair professionals will be able to help you reach a decision on the matter. In most cases, a brand-new Trane HVAC should be what you are looking for, given the sheer number of innovative features it has been packed with.

What if getting a brand new HVAC installation is not feasible

If opting for a new HVAC system for your home is not a financially feasible option, you can talk to your AC repair expert and get into talks about adding in a zoning system. A zoning system works by using mechanical dampers to divide your home into several different areas. These areas are then cooled or heating separately. This gives you the opportunity to use your old HVAC system in your renovated home without needing an expensive replacement for it. Furthermore, due to the separation, your home will be more comfortable in general. Finally, you will also notice that you are paying less in energy bills because the zoning system improves the air conditioning ability of your HVAC system.


Install a sophisticated heat pump that can aid the heating and cooling of your home

If neither of the aforementioned solutions is viable, you could meet somewhere down the middle and make the best of both worlds by buying a mini-split ductless heat pump.

A heat pump works by transferring heat out of your system or into your system. In the case of the split ductless heat pump, it is able to efficiently transfer conditioned air to the parts of your home your current HVAC system will not be able to cover. Therefore, you can use your old HVAC system to supply your newly renovated home with conditioned without incurring a new HVAC cost.

If you are going with this option, it is important to ensure that your old HVAC system is well maintained and up the mark when it comes to high performance. If not, this should be the perfect time to hire AC maintenance & repair services to come and check out the internals of your system, especially the internal ductwork, to take care of any required air duct cleaning or mold removal procedures. These are crucial, as they will define how well your neat heat pump performs in delivering the conditioned air to parts of your home.


No matter the changes, a through AC maintenance & repair run is in order

Your home’s renovation could serve as a great excuse to get your HVAC system checked out by AC repair services. This is especially important if you intend to use your old HVAC system, or work out a solution for the remodeled parts of your home. In the event that you need additional ductwork for renovated regions or additional vents, you will be better off performing a full-on air duct cleaning on the existing ductwork. This will help ensure that you start with fresh ducts supplying your home with comfortable and proper air without worrying about molds or dust.

Keeping all this in mind, you should try to expand the air conditioning service efforts to cover the air vents and filtration modules of the current system. This is to ensure that your air duct cleaning cost does not go to waste as dirty air filters are bound to hamper the performance of your HVAC system and greatly reduce its efficiency.

With all these things in order, and your old HVAC system properly restored for efficient operation, you can rest easy and get your home renovated without any worries about the air conditioning. Furthermore, regardless of whether you decide to keep your old system, purchase a new one or go with the heat pump, ensure that the HVAC experts perform a thorough survey so you do not end up wasting money on a less optimal option.


Check out a relevant infographic – 6 Advantages of New HVAC Installation in A Remodeled Home [Infographic]


6 Advantages of New HVAC Installation in A Remodeled Home
6 Advantages of New HVAC Installation in A Remodeled Home


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