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When you have businesses running in multiple locations, micromanaging becomes very difficult. When you need commercial HVAC maintenance for 2 or 3 business locations at a time, finding the best HVAC service company becomes way difficult than a single location business.

Here, you need to select an HVAC company that will show up on time and delivers the promised HVAC services. The HVAC company you will hire must work as your business partner rather than a regular HVAC service provider. This is how you can manage commercial HVAC maintenance for multiple locations efficiently.


4 Tips for Getting the Best Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Multiple Locations

1.   Sign an All-Inclusive HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Signing an all-inclusive agreement may seem a bit expensive to you, but it comes with various HVAC benefits, which reduce the commercial HVAC maintenance costs and makes the process faster.

By signing an all-inclusive HVAC agreement, as a manager, you can eliminate all the HVAC budgeting guesswork. Because in this HVAC agreement, all the HVAC maintenance costs, including labor costs, materials costs, and other expenses, are included. As a result, you won’t have to think about any unexpected expenses and stress about it.

Besides, when you have an all-inclusive HVAC agreement, all the HVAC expenses will be listed on paper with their costs. As a result, you won’t have to check invoices whenever it requires HVAC service. This can save you a lot of time by eliminating the need to check each invoice and writing a check to the HVAC company after each HVAC service.

Again, one of the major advantages of having an all-inclusive HVAC agreement is that it makes the commercial HVAC maintenance service more efficient. Because the HVAC company won’t require approval from you for each commercial maintenance or repair. As a result, the HVAC maintenance company can complete the commercial maintenance task at their pace without any interruption, which eventually makes the process way faster.

2.   Ask for an HVAC Project Manager

Managing commercial HVAC maintenance for multiple-location businesses isn’t a child’s play. It requires special attention and needs to assign a project manager for this type of gigantic task. That’s why, while hiring an HVAC company for your multiple location business, you’ll have to ensure that the HVAC company is providing a project manager.

An HVAC project manager will inform you about every detail of the commercial HVAC service. Besides, if you need to give any instructions to the HVAC technicians, you can pass them through to the HVAC project manager. You won’t have to drive to the business location to pass the message. These, eventually, make commercial HVAC maintenance faster and efficient.

3.   Tell the HVAC Company to Provide Quarterly Reports

With adequate data, it becomes easier to make any decision. Then why rely on the guesswork when you can ask for quarterly reports of the HVAC maintenance to the service company?

While selecting the HVAC maintenance company for your multiple location business, ask whether they provide quarterly reports on HVAC maintenance or not. With HVAC quarterly report, you can have a clear idea about how your HVAC unit is performing individually and collectively. Apart from this, with these quarterly reports, you can have a clear view of HVAC service hours and the costs of each business location.

4.   Keep Away from the Low-Ball Bids

While selecting an HVAC maintenance company for your multiple location business, you’ll come across many low-ball bids, which may prompt you to hire the lowest bidder. Usually, HVAC companies that offer HVAC maintenance at an extremely low cost are frauds or don’t have enough experience to handle your HVAC project. And if you hire such an HVAC company for your multiple location business’s HVAC project, they will ask for more money after a few days.

If you decide to increase the HVAC budget, you’ll have to ensure that the costs are justified and ask for details of every HVAC cost. But if you refuse to increase the budget, the HVAC maintenance quality may decline. You’ll notice a sharp decline in the HVAC efficiency, which will increase your overall HVAC operating costs.


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See the summary of this content in this infographic – 4 Tips for Multi-Location Commercial HVAC Maintenance [Infographic]

4 Tips for Multi-Location Commercial HVAC Maintenance
4 Tips for Multi-Location Commercial HVAC Maintenance
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