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    Trane 10 kW Electric Heater BAYHTR1510BRKC with breaker is an efficient companion for your Trane M series air handler that goes with the split home heat pumps or air conditioners.


    Trane 15 kW 36900 – 49200 BTU Electric Heat Strip BAYEABC15BK1BA with breaker is a solid companion for the Trane’s TAM9 series and many other Air Handlers for split home HVAC systems.


    With the Trane 15 kW 50000-55000 BTU Single Phase Electric Heat Kit MAYHTR1A15BKRB, operational efficiency is a guarantee along with compatibility with the rest of the units in your HVAC system.


    This 2 Ton 14 SEER Electric HVAC System from Trane is highly efficient in meeting your home heating and cooling needs. The complete electric system has 3 major components – (1) Trane 2 Ton 14.5 SEER XR14 23600 BTU Air Conditioner Condenser 4TTR4024L1000B, (2) Trane 2 Ton 24000 BTU Convertible Air Handler TEM4A0B24S21SB, (3) Trane 5 kW Electric Heater BAYHTR1505BRKC with Breaker…
    (1) Trane 2 Ton 14.8 SEER2 XR14 24000 BTUh Heat Pump 4TWR4024N1000, (2) Trane 2 Ton 24000 BTUh M Series V/S Convertible Air Handler TEM4B0B24M21S & (3) Trane 5 kW (4.8 kW) 16400 BTUh Single-Phase Electric Heater BAYHTR1505BRK w/ Breaker.
    If you are looking for an efficient heating and air conditioning system, let me just tell you that the Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER Variable Speed Split System Electric Communicating System is both robust and powerful. This 2 Ton HVAC bundle offers some of the best air conditioning equipment from Trane along with a SEER rating of 20. The 3 major HVAC equipment are – (1) Trane 2 Ton 20 SEER XV20i 24000 BTU Variable Stage AC Condenser 4TTV0024A1000C, (2) Trane 2 Ton 2-Stage Variable Speed Convertible & Multi 1/3 HP Air Handler TEM8A0B24V21DB and (3) Trane 10 kW (7.2-9.6 kW) Electric Heater BAYHTR1510BRKC with Breaker.