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A major renovation gives a space a new look and helps business owners to grow their businesses. But after renovation, have you thought about replacing your old one with a new HVAC unit?


3 Reasons Why You Should Get a New HVAC Unit After Renovation

1.   Change in Heating and Cooling Requirement

Heating and cooling requirements vary based on the windows’ placement, the number of electrical items, usage of the space, furniture, etc. For example, if you’re planning to use the space for a retail store, its heating and cooling requirements will be different from a yoga studio or an office. Again, the heating and cooling requirements will vary on the working hours. For example, if your business hours are only limited to daytime, your heating and cooling demands will be different from businesses that operate the whole day. That’s why if you’re renovating a space for new purposes, you should get a new HVAC unit.

Again, if you’re installing new computers in your space, you should install a new HVAC system because computers generate a moderate amount of heat while it operates. As a result, more computers mean more heat in your space. And to keep the temperature in your space stable, you’ll require an HVAC unit with more cooling capacity.

Also, if you increase or decrease the area of your space, you’ll need a separate HVAC unit because every HVAC system has a definite capacity and maximum coverage area. If you continue using your old HVAC unit even after changing the area of your space, your HVAC unit will start performing poorly. Besides, your HVAC units will start having more wear and tear, which will lead to heavy repairs. Moreover, you’ll start noticing an increase in your HVAC operational costs. This is why, whenever you change the area of your space, you must consult an HVAC technician and replace the old HVAC unit with a new one.

2.   Change in the Airflow Direction

When you renovate or change the layout of your space, the airflow direction also changes with it. And because of this, you’ll have to modify or replace the ventilation system. If you keep the same ventilation system after moving the wall or cubicle partition in your space, you’ll have to face problems like poor air quality, foul odor, cold spots, etc. Also, due to lack of ventilation, the air inside your space will become stagnant, and your employees may start to have sick building syndrome.

Ventilation can be a big issue if you’re operating a service-based business. For example, if you’re running a retail store and there is a lack of ventilation, your customers won’t feel comfortable in your store. As a result, there is every chance that you’ll lose customers, which will eventually affect your store revenue. That’s why whenever you renovate your space, you must consult an HVAC service professional and redesign the air ducts and ventilation system.

3.   More Occupants Means More Cooling but Less Heating

Businesses often renovate their space to accommodate more people. If you’re also renovating your space to accommodate more people, you’ll need a cooling unit with more capacity. Because when there are more people in one space, they will start generating more heat. And if you keep using the same cooling unit in your space, occupants inside your space will feel uncomfortable and sweaty. This can be a big issue if you’re operating a restaurant or a retail store. That’s why after renovation, you must upgrade your current cooling system.


HVAC Buying Guide

Before purchasing a new HVAC unit for your space, you should consult an HVAC expert about the capacity of the HVAC unit. Besides, after the renovation, you may have to redesign the ventilation of your space. So, consult about the HVAC redesigning with the HVAC expert too.

While purchasing the HVAC unit, make sure that the HVAC unit is energy-star rated. Besides, try to purchase an HVAC system that has higher SEER ratings. Again, if you don’t have a programmable thermostat, get one. It’ll enable you to maximize comfort and save money on energy bills.


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3 Reasons to Get a New HVAC Unit After Renovation
3 Reasons to Get a New HVAC Unit After Renovation
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