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Whether you need an HVAC system or an Air Ducts system for your house or maintenance and repair services for these systems, Green Leaf Air is the company to call.

We provide our services in the Greater Dallas / Fort Worth area where we even handle DIY projects related to HVAC systems and Air Duct systems.


Why Choose Us?

1.       We are the first & only company to offer HVAC systems online

Green Leaf Air is the pioneer in online HVAC system and Air Duct system selling. We are the first and only company who offer these HVAC systems and its components at a great price online.


2.       We offer AC installation services to our customers

Besides our HVAC systems, we also provide AC installation services to our customers. We have an amazing team of professionals who will go to your house and install the HVAC system in no time.

Besides, if you have one already installed, our team will help you replace it with our technical and analytical expertise.


3.       We provide AC Maintenance & Repair Services

Along with providing air conditioning units, air ducts, and complete HVAC system installation and replacement, we provide AC maintenance and repair services too.

Our AC maintenance and repair process includes troubleshooting the HAVC units and figuring out where the problem originated from. Then, we fix what’s wrong with the Air conditioning units and replace the parts of each component if needed.


4.       We use genuine parts & components for AC repair

During our AC repair process, if we come across any situation where we need to replace certain parts of the HVAC system, we do it with the genuine parts from the manufacturers themselves.

We have access to all the components that go with our HVAC system. Besides, we have a close connection to Trane, GoodMan, and Carrier, the manufacturers of those units. If we need any custom or specialized parts that are rare and not available to us, we can contact them for the spare parts.


5.       We provide air duct cleaning services

Apart from supplying and installing air duct systems, we also provide air duct cleaning services to our customers. The cleaning is doubled up with troubleshooting for any major problem with the air ducts.

No matter what type of infestation it is, mold infestation, insects infestation or just bad odor, we take it upon ourselves to deliver the best cleaning services and ensure the air in your home is pure, odorless and germ free, keeping you and your family members safe from dirt, dust, mold, germs and bad odor.


6.       We have a great team of professional technicians

For our HVAC system and Air duct system installation, replacement, and maintenance or repair works, we have an excellent team of professional technicians. They are well educated of the ins and outs of these systems and trained to get the installation, replacement and maintenance work done efficiently and effortlessly.


7.       We have the latest technology to complement our technicians’ skillset

To ensure our professional team can do their work properly and more efficiently, we have all the latest technology for HVAC and Air Duct system installation, maintenance, and repair services in our inventory.

We believe technology is our asset rather than our tool. That’s why we don’t only keep up with the technologically advancing world but also train our experts to embrace the technology in their work more efficiently. This way, technology and our team’s expertise create one of the best services in Air Conditioner servicing industry.


8.       We are quick to response

We are very fast to respond to our customers’ requests and complaints. Our team is just a call away from getting your order shipped or going to your home themselves to install it.

Need air duct cleaning? Just give us a call, we will be there. Need AC repairing? Again, we are just a call away.


9.       We offer the best rates

We offer competitive rates to our clients and we can say with confidence that we will beat any estimation you got from other companies.

If you are not confident enough, just give us a call after talking to other companies, see if we can beat their price or not.


10.   We offer company warranty for our HVAC system, Air Duct system and their components

As for the warranty, we offer original warranty from the manufacturing companies for all our HVAC system, Air Duct system and their components.

We will repair or replace the components or the entire system under the warranty given by the manufacturer.


11.   We have super-fast shipping

Once you place the order, we just a few hours away from delivering your HVAC system and Air Duct system at your doorstep.



What our clients have to say about us?


“Quality work, and best prices! What more can you ask? We called other companies before choosing Green Leaf Air, and we are glad we picked them.”



“They arrived on time, and were professional and polite. My husband and I are very happy with the service we received.”



“Talk about great service and a great company! They came out quickly, and discovered the only problem I had was a bad blower motor! Another company wanted to charge me thousands to install a brand new air conditioner! Instead Green Leaf replaced the blower motor for a few hundreds. I really appreciate their honesty and integrity!”



“You have such good people working for you! He worked real hard, and did such an excellent job for us. The thing I also really appreciate about your company is you were true to your word, and saved me over $1,000 on my new air conditioning system. Thank you so much for all that you did for me.”




Call Us

So, next time when you need a new HVAC system, Air Duct system or its cleaning and maintenance/repair services, you know who to call.

Just give us a call on 972-992-5006 and we will be there with you in no time.

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