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    Trane HyperionTM 2 Ton – 3 Ton 30000 BTU convertible communicating air handler TAM9A0B30V31DA unit an efficient indoor heating solution for home and office spaces. It’s highly efficient of Variable Speed Motor not only ensures silent operation but also eliminates cold and hot spots from your house.


    Trane 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 4 Ton 24000 – 48000 BTUh 4TXC Cased Coil 4TXCB006DS3HC comes with an all-aluminum Comfort™ coil. For maximum efficiency and limited leaks, the 4TXCB006DS3HC 2 – 4 Ton unit with 24000 – 48000 BTU is tried and tested several times.


    (1) Trane 4 Ton 15.6 SEER2 XR15 48000 BTUh AC Condenser 4TTR5048N1000, (2) Trane 4 Ton 48000 BTUh M Series V/S Convertible Air Handler TEM4A0C48S41S & (3) Trane 15 kW (10.8–14.4 kW) 36900-49200 BTUh Single-Phase Electric Heater BAYHTR1517BRK w/ Breaker.
    Trane 2 Ton 24000 BTU Convertible Air Handler TEM4A0B24S21SB is an efficient air handler from Trane TEM4 series. This 2 Ton unit is compact and can fit in your basement, closet, attic, crawlspace, utility room or alcove. And this versatile efficient unit is suitable for the heat pump and air conditioning units


    Trane RunTru 2 Ton 15 SEER 80% Gas Furnace System is an excellent complete heating and cooling solution for those looking for an efficient HVAC system at an affordable rate. This system includes (1) Trane RunTru 2 Ton 15 SEER A4AC4 Series 24000 BTU Single Stage Air Conditioner Condenser A4AC4024A1000A, (2) Trane RunTru A801X Series 60000 BTU 80% AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Single Stage 1/3 HP Gas Furnace A801X026AM2SA and (3) Trane 2 Ton 18000 – 30000 BTU A4MX Four Way Convertible, Upflow, Downflow, Horizontal Left & Right Cased Coil for Split-System Air Conditioner A4MXB1832AC6HA .


    For those looking for a great 2 Ton system, the Trane RunTru 2 Ton 15 SEER Single Stage Electric System is ready to deliver. It has the (1) Trane RunTru 2 Ton 15 SEER A4AC4 Series 24000 BTU Single Stage Air Conditioner Condenser A4AC4024A1000A, (2) Trane RunTru A4AH4 Series 2 Ton 15 SEER 24000 BTU Single Stage Multi-Position 1/5 HP Air Handler A4AH4P24A1B60A and (3) Trane RunTru 5 kW 17060 BTU Single Phase Electric Heat Kit BAYHTR1508BRK.


    Trane XR14 Series 2 Ton 24400 BTU 4TWR4024G1000A unit is a 14 SEER outdoor split system single stage heat pump that is a reliable and efficient heating and air conditioning system suitable for your home and commercial space. Its increased energy efficiency will help lower the HVAC costs of your home as you’d want. Besides, the base of this single stage heat pump is made of a CMBP-G30 weatherproof material that resists corrosion.