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COVID-19 is super contagious, and anyone can get infected by human touch. That’s why WHO and CDC have recommended people to stay at home and avoid human contact or gatherings. But during this time, you may require help from an HVAC professional to repair your HVAC system. So, when you call an HVAC professional at your home, you’ll have to take some protective measures to stay safe from COVID-19. This also applies to HVAC professionals who will have to visit different houses at this time. However, if you are a homeowner, you shouldn’t call for an HVAC professional for regular HVAC maintenance work unless it’s an emergency. In this article, I’ll tell you some protective measures for both homeowners and the HVAC professional, which can protect you from COVID-19.


5 HVAC Service Calls Protective Measures During COVID-19

1.    Check the Body Temperature

One of the first symptoms of COVID-19 is that the infected person will have a fever. But remember, all fever isn’t a sign of COVID-19. So, when you call an HVAC professional to your house, you can politely ask them and use a forehead thermometer to check the temperature of the HVAC professional. HVAC companies also can follow this procedure for their employees’ health. However, the temperature that you’ll get can be 1 to 2 degrees lower than the actual temperature when you use a forehead thermometer. For this reason, you can use an oral thermometer for the actual temperature of the HVAC professional. But when you use an oral thermometer, always wipe the oral thermometer with disinfectant. Also, ask for permission and don’t be rude to the other person.

Don’t use strips to measure the temperature as it’s used to measure the temperature of the skin, not the body.

2.    Call your Customer before Arriving

As an HVAC professional, when you arrive at your customers’ house, always call before arriving. Ask especially about the health condition of your customer’s family members, and tell what type of protection measures you’re taking like using gloves, masks, eye protection, etc. This will give your customers confidence, and you can show your professionalism to the customers. As human beings, we like professional or expert people to do our jobs. When you do these activities, it shows your professionalism, and when the situation is normal, you can get more customers as an HVAC professional. Also, when you visit your customers’ house, try not to schedule regular maintenance for the next few months. Tell your customers’ to call you when they need an emergency repair or replacement for their HVAC equipment.

3.    Wear Boots

COVID-19 can be present in mists and droplets. So, consider wearing boots to save you from the virus while going out. Boots are generally used as a protection against mud or dust. But in this pandemic situation, you can use boots for safety purposes as well.

4.    Wear Disposable Gloves

This is applicable for both the homeowners and the HVAC professional. As a homeowner, when an HVAC professional visits your place, try to wear disposable gloves to save you and your family from the virus. Also, as an HVAC professional, you’ll have to touch the HVAC equipment and other parts of your customers’ house. As I said earlier, COVID-19 can be present in mists and droplets. So, there’s a high chance that when you touch this equipment, you can get infected with the virus. For this reason, always wear disposable gloves. Also, don’t touch your face while wearing gloves. After using the gloves, always throw it in a garbage bin and wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

5.    Maintain Distance

When an HVAC professional visits your place, don’t handshake with the HVAC professional or get in contact with the HVAC professional. This goes the same when an HVAC professional visits a customers’ house. According to the WHO and the CDC, you should maintain a distance of 1 meter or 3 feet from the next person. This prevents the COVID-19 virus from transmitting from one person to another.


These are the protective measures that you should take as a homeowner and as an HVAC professional. These protective measures can save you and your family from COVID-19.


See the summary of this content here in the infographic – HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19 Situation [Infographic]

HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19 Situation
HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19 Situation

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