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In this pandemic, people’s daily schedules have been hampered and we can’t do anything about yet. Even though we are skipping our favorite coffee shops on our way to work, there are some work that we can’t push back. One of these is HVAC service calls. If someone tells me his family can live without a functioning heating and air conditioning system indefinitely, I’d say he is lying. I know how hard it can be to live in a house without a functioning HVAC system. It’s also true that when HVAC technicians come to your home to have a look at your heating and cooling system, there is small chance for you and your family to get exposed to then coronavirus – but not if both the HVAC contractors and the homeowners take proper measures. “What” you ask? Well, you are in the right place.


5 HVAC Service Calls Protective Measures During COVID-19


HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19 Situation
HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19 Situation


1.    Check the Body Temperature


2.    Call your Customer before Arriving


3.    Wear Boots


4.    Wear Disposable Gloves


5.    Maintain Distance


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