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It’s hard to decide a Heating System when there are too many options in the market. Until you have known the details of all heating units, every heating system might seem like the perfect one for you. Both gas furnaces and heat pumps have their good and bad sides. Here we have discussed some misconceptions regarding Heat Pumps in comparison to Gas Furnaces for you to decide which of them are suitable for your home –


Myths about Gas Furnace & Heat Pump

  1. Gas furnace is the best option

Living in a region where the winter isn’t so harsh, a gas furnace would not be the right choice for your home. A gas furnace produces too much heat rapidly, causing you to feel itchy. In some cases, harmful gases are emitted from a gas furnace, if not repaired on time.


  1. Air conditioner is similar to Heat pump

There is often a misconception that a heat pump functions just like an air conditioner. An air conditioner drives out hot air from your home. A heat pump pulls in hot air and blows it into your home. The warm air is passed on to an indoor air controller which has a coil and heating strips. When the air passes over the coil, it gets heated up and is blown out through the ducts into your house. A heat pump will require electric supply all the time, so it’s best suited to be used in states with mild winters.


  1. Heat pump isn’t enough to heat the home

How well the heating system works, depends on where you live to an extent. A heat pump is ideal for Southeastern regions of United States, where the cold is bearable. But a gas furnace will not be as cost-efficient in these regions as it would be up in the Northern regions.


  1. Gas furnace is always cost-efficient

Gas surely costs less than electricity, thus using a gas furnace is much profitable in states where the climate is rough. But in other regions where temperatures don’t go below freezing, heat pump works best. It uses just the right amount of energy to provide the heat required.


  1. Gas is cheap and so is the furnace

Gas being the most available source of fuel, might make a furnace look like the affordable option too. But in fact, setting up a gas furnace can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, if your home doesn’t have connecting gas pipes, it would cost you a great deal of money.


  1. Just one kind of heat pump

This is a common misconception that only one type of heat pump exists. But actually, there are three types of heat pumps, such as: (1) Air Source heat pump- This heat pump uses air from outdoors and then air from inside the home heats it up, releasing hot air to your home. (2) Ductless Mini heat pump- This type of heat pump is perfect for homes without ducts and they are used for heating an individual part of the house. (3) Geo Exchange heat pump- This kind of pump uses heat from the ground to warm the air and then releases the air to your home. You should be able to choose the right kind of heat pump according to your home heating requirements.


  1. Both heating systems emit harmful gases

Although gas furnaces emit harmful gases sometimes, these are totally risk-free if regulated on time. Heat pumps don’t burn fuel to produce heat and therefore don’t emit harmful gas.


  1. Only gas furnace forms enough heat

When the cold is bearable, you won’t need much heat to feel comfortable. Gas furnace gives out too much unnecessary heat, thus energy is being misused.


As you can see from the points discussed above, when it comes to picking a heat pump over a gas furnace or vice versa, there are no strict rules. It’s up to you to decide, depending on the region you live in and your lifestyle to an extent. If you experience moderate climate, heat pump will be more convenient for your home. But if the temperature drops below freezing point, gas furnace will be better. As long as gas is readily available in your area.

By the way, you can see the summary of common myths about Gas Furnaces here – Myths About Gas Furnace [Infographic]

Myths About Gas Furnace
Myths About Gas Furnace

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