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Recently, WHO has acknowledged the airborne nature of Coronavirus and homeowners are more concerned about their safety and the effectiveness of HVAC Filtration against COVID-19 more than ever. To answer these concerns, today I decided to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and HVAC Filtration.


FAQs about COVID-19 & HVAC Filtration


FAQs about HVAC Filtration & COVID-19
FAQs about HVAC Filtration & COVID-19


1.    Can HVAC Filters Protect People from COVID-19?


2.    What Type of Air Filter Should I Use to Prevent COVID-19 from Entering My Space?


3.    What is MERV Rating?


4.    How Frequently Should I Change I Change My Air Filter in Pandemic?



Read the whole content here – FAQs about HVAC Filtration & COVID-19


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