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A clean flame sensor in your gas furnace means an efficient heating system. No malfunction, no repair needed. Just warm air for maximum indoor comfort. Here’s how you clean your gas furnace flame sensor –


Cleaning Your Gas Furnace Flame Sensor


How To Clean Your Gas Furnace Flame Sensor


Step 1 – Cut the power

The power supply should be cut off. You can do this from the fuse box or simply unplugging the unit form your home electricity supply.


Step 2 – Open the gas furnace unit

Next step is to open the gas furnace unit to access the flame sensor. Depending on the model of your heating gas furnace, you might need to unscrew to pull apart the external plate to get access to the sensor.


Step 3 – Take out the flame sensor from the gas furnace

Once you get access to the flame sensor. Take it out from the gas furnace and then clean it.


Step 4 – Blow the dust off

First part of cleaning is blowing off the dust that is sitting on the flame sensor. You can use a blower or just blow from your mouth.


Step 5 – Scrub for the stains and dirt

For the stains and dirt that doesn’t come off easily, you might need to use a soft brush or a piece of cloth. Using the brush or cloth, scrub the places where satins are stuck and don’t come off.


Step 6 – Put the sensor in its place and reinstate the gas furnace

Once you are done cleaning the flame sensor, you need to reattach the flame sensor to the gas furnace. Then cover and reinstall the gas furnace properly. Connect the power and see if everything is okay or not.


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