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If you’re planning to invest in a new cooling system for your space, consider investing in a VRF system. In this article, I’ll talk briefly about what a VRF system is, the advantages of a VRF system, and answer some frequently asked questions.


VRF System: All You Need to Know

What is a VRF System?

VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow is an industrial-scale ductless heating and cooling system that can perform at a higher capacity when it’s needed. VRF systems are being used around the world for about 30 years. But in the US, its usage has started in early 2000.

It has multiple air handlers that can be controlled separately. As a result, it doesn’t produce any noise while operating at maximum capacity. Again, this industrial-scale HVAC system can be both a heat pump or a cooling system. As a result, users can have heating and cooling facilities simultaneously.


Advantages of a VRF System in Commercial Space

1.      Less Noise

One of the key features of a VRF system is that it’s less noisy compared to traditional HVAC systems. Its condenser unit is located on the outside of the building. Besides, as I mentioned above, it has small air handlers that can be controlled separately. These features make the VRF system less noisy and a perfect solution for commercial or office space.

2.      Consumes Less Energy

Nowadays, every company wants to save energy, and if this is the case for your company too, you should replace your old HVAC system with the VRF system.

When you use a traditional heating and cooling system, it runs at full capacity all the time. But VRF systems are different. It runs according to the demand and supplies refrigerant only when it’s needed. As a result, it needs to run less and consumes less energy.

Again, this VRF system has an amazing feature that can capture heat from one room and then transfer it to another where it’s needed. As a result, users get maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption.

3.      Ensures Maximum and Consistent Comfort

If you look at different commercial spaces, you’ll notice that hot and cold spot is a common problem. But this problem can be easily solved by replacing traditional heating and cooling systems with a VRF system. VRF system condenser unit can identify the required heating and cooling accurately. For example, it’ll supply more cooling to the computer room compared to a south-faced room.

Because of this feature, users will have maximum and consistent comfort throughout the year. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, it eliminates the hot and cold spots in the office space.

4.      Flexible & Easy Installation Process

There is no doubt that commercial spaces don’t come cheap, and it’s not financially viable to use a large office space for a heating and cooling system. VRF system is very compact in size. It doesn’t require a large space for the maintenance area. Besides, it doesn’t have any distribution fans, water pipes, etc. As a result, you’ll require minimum space to install the whole VRF system in your commercial space.

Again, as VRF systems are compact in size, its installation process is simpler compared to traditional HVAC systems, which lowers the installation costs for HVAC companies.

5.      Fewer System Breakdowns

We all know that traditional air conditioners or heating systems are prone to repairs and system breakdowns. But as VRF systems run at minimum capacity most of the time, it has less pressure on the system. As a result, system breakdown drops drastically.


FAQs about VRF Systems

1.      Can I Use the VRF System for Residential Purpose?

A common misconception about the VRF system is that it can only be used for commercial purposes. But in reality, you can use the VRF system in homes as well.

2.      Are VRF Systems Bulky in Size?

No, VRF heating and cooling systems are very compact in size, and you will require minimum space to install the whole unit.

3.      Is VRF System Noisy?

Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, VRF systems produce minimum noise while operating. As I mentioned above, it has multiple air handlers that can be controller separately, which makes the unit less noisy and soundproof.


See the summary of this content here in this infographic – 5 Advantages of VRF HVAC Systems [Infographic]

5 Advantages of VRF HVAC Systems
5 Advantages of VRF HVAC Systems

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