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    If you don’t want to hire an HVAC professional to install a smart thermostat in your home, you can do it yourself. You can just follow these 8 steps to installing a smart thermostat and get it over with –


    Step by Step Process of Smart Thermostat Installation

    8 Steps To Install A Smart Thermostat
    8 Steps To Install A Smart Thermostat

    Step 1 – Turn Off the Power of Your HVAC System

    Step 2 – Remove the Faceplate of Your Old Thermostat

    Step 3 – Label the Electrical Wires

    Step 4 – Remove the Backplate of Your Old Thermostat

    Step 5 – Optional: Adding a Common Wire

    Step 6 – Attach the New Backplate and Reconnect the Wires

    Step 7 – Add the New Faceplate

    Step 8 – Turn the Power On and Connect your Smart Thermostat to the Wi-Fi

    Read the complete guide on Installing A Smart Thermostat – Smart Thermostat Installation Guide

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