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This summer in Dallas was hotter compared to previous years. It reached the 100-degree mark quite a few times. Like everybody else, if you have used your air conditioning unit every day, it’s time for some Dallas HVAC repairs and maintenance. With the end of summer repairs, your cooling unit will perform more efficiently and give you more comfort.


4 Dallas HVAC Repairs in September

1.   Replace the Air Filter

Every HVAC professional will suggest you replace the air filter of your HVAC unit at the start of each season. And if you have followed this suggestion, you probably replaced your HVAC air filter in May or June. That means it is more than 3 months, and you should replace the air filter right now. However, if the air filter is reusable, you can wash it and install it in your cooling system again.

Replacing an air filter is the first step of every HVAC maintenance. When you have a clogged air filter, your cooling system won’t function properly. A clogged air filter will hinder the airflow and make the cooling system work harder. Besides, you’ll have AC problems like frozen evaporator coils, high energy bills, frequent repairs, etc.

If you’re not happy with your current HVAC air filter’s performance, you can try different HVAC air filters available in the market. For example, you can install HEPA air filters or UV air filters. However, before installing these air filters in your cooling system, you’ll have to ensure that the system is compatible with these air filters. For more details, you can read 7 Types of Air Filters for HVAC Systems.

2.   Refill the AC Refrigerant

If you notice your cooling system isn’t cooling the space as it should, there is a high possibility that the cooling system is low on refrigerant. Besides, if you’re using an old cooling system, after 2 to 3 years, it’s recommended to check the AC refrigerant level and refill it.

However, while refilling the AC refrigerant, always call a certified cooling professional. Because AC refrigerant is hazardous, and if it isn’t handled properly, it may cause damage to your house and your body. Again, if your system is currently using the banned R-22 as a refrigerant, you should stop using it. Because according to the new rule, the use and production of R-22 as refrigerant is illegal in the United States. For more details about this topic, you can read Air Conditioner Refrigerant: Types, Phase-Out & Everything Else.

Instead of using R-22 refrigerant in your air conditioner, you can use R-410a or Freon refrigerant. This refrigerant doesn’t damage the ozone layer and is an environment-friendly refrigerant.

3.   Repair or Replace the Broken Thermostat

A thermostat is the brain of a cooling unit, and if it’s broken, your entire system will collapse and won’t give you the desired comfort. That’s why whenever you do any sort of HVAC repair or maintenance checkup, always check the condition of the thermostat. Sometimes it needs just a recalibration or adjustment. However, if it is heavily damaged, you’ll have to replace the thermostat.

While buying a new thermostat, you can try a programmable thermostat. With this thermostat, you can schedule the temperature according to your preferences and routine.

To know the differences among the thermostats, check Manual, Smart or Programmable Thermostat: Which One is Better?

4.   Check on Your AC Fan Motor

If you have been using your air conditioner 24/7 during this summer in Dallas, chances are your AC fan motors require a repair. Usually, when there is a problem with the AC system, the fan motor gets damaged first. So, how do you know if the AC fan motors are damaged or not?

You’ll start to hear noise from your cooling system when the fan motor is damaged. Besides, the fan motor will continue to move even when the Ac is off.

As soon as you notice the fault in your AC fan motor, you should repair it, and if it’s damaged, you shouldn’t hesitate to replace the fan motor.


For summer HVAC repair or maintenance service, call 972-992-5006 to contact Green Leaf Air’s best heating and cooling technicians. We offer emergency HVAC support and assistance in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Alabama.


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4 Dallas HVAC Repairs
4 Dallas HVAC Repairs
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