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UV lights can kill certain bacteria and microorganisms. That’s why UV lights are being used in sensitive places like hospitals and labs to improve indoor air quality. Likewise, ultraviolet or UV lights can be integrated with your HVAC unit to keep your space safe from bacteria, mildew, and other microorganisms.


3 Benefits of UV Lights for HVAC System

1.   Increases the Efficiency

If you have neglected regular HVAC maintenance checkups for years, chances are your HVAC coils are filled with various microorganisms and debris. And when the coils are clogged, your HVAC unit will have a hard time delivering the produced air in your space. Besides, your HVAC unit will function longer, which means it’ll consume more electricity.

However, you can improve the HVAC efficiency by integrating UV light technology with your HVAC system. Ultraviolet light can kill bacteria and microorganisms. And by integrating UV light technology in your HVAC unit, you can keep the AC coils and air ducts clean, which will eventually increase the HVAC efficiency.

When your HVAC unit is free from dust and other microorganisms, it’ll operate at an optimum level. Besides, when the cooling unit is clean, it’ll require minimum repairs and maintenance.

2.   No More Foul Odor

Nobody wants to live in a house filled with bad odor. But knowingly or unknowingly, we bring pollutants into our place. Besides, when you skip air duct cleaning for years, molds start to grow inside the air ducts and spread foul odor in the house.

When you live in such a condition, you can have health issues like eye irritation, breathing problems, nausea, headaches, throat problems, etc. However, by using UV light in the HVAC unit, you can solve this issue. UV light can destroy volatile compounds that are causing a foul odor in your house.

3.   Eliminates Chemical Use in Cleaning

For cleaning the evaporator coils, many homeowners opt for a foaming agent. But this foaming or cleaning agent has some harmful elements that can negatively impact your health. Again, many homeowners use bleach tablets for cleaning the condensate lines of the HVAC unit. But bleach can stay for a long time in your cooling unit and affect your health.

So, what can you use that doesn’t affect your health?

Integrate UV light with your HVAC unit. Unlike other cleaning agents, ultraviolet light is non-toxic and safe. You can enter your space right after cleaning the HVAC unit with UV light.

There are concerns about direct UV exposure to the human body. But in the HVAC system, UV kit light is installed deep into the coils. As a result, it’s unlikely that you’ll have direct exposure to ultraviolet light. Moreover, when you hire a professional to install the UV light in the cooling unit, they install it in such a way that you don’t have any direct exposure to the UV light.


Other Uses of UV or Ultraviolet Light

As I mentioned earlier, UV light technology is used in hospitals to sterilize medical equipment and kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the air. Besides, medical professionals use UV light to treat vitamin D deficiency.

Apart from this, UV light technology is used in the air purifiers to kill certain bacteria and mildew and keep the indoor air quality clean. It’s found that UV lights are more effective in killing mold.

Best Places for Installing UV Light Inside the HVAC System

1.      HVAC Coils

AC coils are located inside the air handlers. As these coils collect the condensation, molds grow here exponentially. But by installing UV lights over these coils can prevent the growth of mildew and keep your indoor air quality clean.

2.      HVAC Ductwork

After AC coils, you can install UV lights inside your HVAC air ducts. And for this, you can use Air Germicidal Ultraviolet lights. This UV light is designed to kill pollutants and allergens. Usually, this air germicidal UV light is connected to the AC blower motor, allowing users to turn on and off the UV lights in ducts.

The best way to find the best HVAC spot is by contacting your local HVAC professionals. Also, while installing these UV lights, you should hire a professional.


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3 Benefits of UV Light for HVAC System
3 Benefits of UV Light for HVAC System


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